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The Ecology of Life The Ecology of Life
The Ecology of Life

The Ecology of Life

The educational program “The Ecology of Life” started for the “Way Home” Foundation children. The first master class started on February 8, 2017, on the territory of the Fund on Sophievskaya, 10. 

During the program, the organizer and the founder of the project, volunteer of the “Way Home” Dmitri Akilin and the children of the Fund will discuss the problems of the ecology and plan real actions that will make the world clean again. The first master class of the project was lead by Evgeni Khlebnikov, who spoke the children about his project “The Treasure Plastic” and showed them how to dispose caps from plastic bottles that children were collecting during 1 week. Now children know what kinds of plastic exist, what is recycling and what kind of things can be produced from the secondary raw materials. The time passed quickly and the class was very informative and entertaining.
We invite everyone to take part in the “Ecology of Life” project. The classes are taking place every Tuesday from 4 to 6 pm, on the Foundation territory at Sofievskaya, 10.  Please come!
The Ecology of Life The Ecology of Life

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